Vision & Mission

To become a global leader in bunkering industry by 2020 as we serve to make your businesses grow and communities prosper all around the world.

MOONLIGHT DIESEL TRADING was established in year 2014 to trade in Oil & Petroleum. The objective of the Company’s founder was clear and simple. MOONLIGHT DIESEL emerged as a self-independent company with the ability to maintain its strength and performances. We perform the economic role of distributing and delivering physical commodities to balance supply and demand. The products we trade include Oil and Petroleum products.

MOONLIGHT DIESEL TRADING has seen enormous and remarkable growth since its foundation. With its outstanding records of timely supply to Majors, Charterers, Ship Liners and Ship Owners, MOONLIGHT DIESEL have gained an International Recognition in the Petroleum Industry and have been able to expand its Client database to beyond Middle East, Africa, and various other active Landmarks.

Why us

When we were setting up our company, we wanted to build a company that reflected our philosophy and our role in building successful businesses around us. we are experts in assisting our clients with purchasing the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner. We follow a steady and highly focused strategy to continue our legacy as a leading reference in the bunkering industry. You can rest assured that our multicultural and multilingual teams will meet all your bunker and lubricant requirements.

Serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, through our global network of offices and associates, we are your partners in success.