Moonlight is a reputed name in Oil & Petroleum Industry. Being a fast growing bunkering company, we boasts a large network of associates to distribute gas oil to the Industrial sectors. Our team works for 24/7 round the clock to avail the product to our customer on-time and as per their demands. With intensive experience, we manage & coordinate the supply and demands wisely. Gas Oil is a fuel that is cheaper than normal road diesel due to it being a rebated fuel used for heating, vehicles, machinery in the construction and agricultural sector. Gas oil is cost-effective and leives less tax than white diesel.


Our global network of Associates will serve round the clock to fit our customer requirement. We emphasis all sorts of initiatives & resources to supply Marine Gas Oil (MGO) & Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) intermittently without any disruptions to the ships for the effective & efficient working of marine engines. We have extensive knowledge & hands-on experience in Marine fuel Oil supply & management. To fit the personalized demands of the shipping & Marine Industry, we provide high- quality fuel oil. Our product will give a promising results.

Marine gas oil usually consists of a blend of various distillates which is similar to diesel fuel but has a higher density. MGO is used in smaller medium- to high-speed auxiliary units or auxiliary motors and ship’s engines. MDO is a type of fuel oil and is a blend of gas oil and heavy fuel oil, with less gas oil than intermediate fuel oil used in the maritime field. MDO is widely used by medium speed and medium/high-speed marine diesel engines.

Heavy fuel:

Moonlight consists of dedicated associates to supply Industrial heavy fuel Oil to a wide spectrum of Industries across offshore & onshore of Dubai and shipping & Marine Industry. We delegate different grades of oil to serve the customised requirements of our customers.

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Black Oil is one of the least expensive of the refined oil fuels and generally can only be used by facilities that have preheating capabilities. Heavy Fuel Oil is primarily used in industrial boilers and other direct source heating applications. It is also used as a principal fuel in marine applications and large diesel engines.

Lubricant Oil:

Moonlight, fast-growing bunkering company that caters a comprehensive range of lubricant oil for Maritime backgrounds and all Industry sectors where lubricant oil are effectively used. For your equipment to perform its design standards you need a lubricant that stays in place, giving continuous protection and lubrication. We have sophisticated and high-quality greasers to meet the Industry Standards and for its efficient functioning. With a wide range of lubricants found, you must wisely choose the type of lubricants best suitable for your personalised requirement and which could increase your equipment efficiency. Our staffs are well trained and highly experienced to dispatch the right kind of lubricants that are essential for your niche. They provide recommendations that suit your requirements. We analyse your existing lubricant oil and recommend grade consolidation and cost-saving measures.